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Vannak's Cardboard Box

Who is Vannak?

Who is Vannak?
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Who exactly is the hobo-wannabe behind the cardboard mask?

Vannak (Pronounced wa-na-nak or van-ak) Is the Cambodian name for Michael P. Icaza, me. I live in CT, USA.
My birthday is November first, 1990, and I am Scorpio (Hell yeah, scorpions rox!).
Lets see what else, I'm an asian hanyou (or half blooded asian), my mother is from cambodia, and my father from southern centeral america and europe. I have black hair, and eyes, and I'm awesomly hott, here's a piccy of meh.



The Matrix I,II&III
The Terminator I&II
Spiderman I&II
Sprited Away
Lots others

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
Linkon Park-
In the end
Breaking the habbit
everyother song they did
Weird Al
Amish paradice
the night santa went crazy
a complicated story
lots of other stuff
Too many other to say